Villa Catalina, Tucson AZ

HOA & Governing Documents

What does Villa Catalina’s HOA fee cover?
Villa Catalina, Tucson, AZ

Governing Documents

GNC Community Management, Villa Catalina’s management company, sends monthly assessment statements. Assessments vary, depending on your unit’s size and if the residence has a one or two-car garage.

Assessments (Monthly HOA Fee) cover:

•  Property taxes (discounted 40% National Register of Historic Places status)
•  All electricity
•  Water
•  Soft water— hot water only
•  Sewer
•  Air conditioning including maintenance
•  Heating
•  Garbage pickup 3x weekly
•  Two pools (one heated) and their maintenance
•  Two laundry rooms each with three washers and dryers and their maintenance
•  Regular landscaping of all common areas
•  Pest Control
•  Periodic building exterior maintenance (e.g. roofs, painting, etc.)
•  Common Area Liability Insurance
•  Disaster Insurance for all buildings
•  Plumbing pipes that are located inside walls, floors, ceilings, and underground are the responsibility of the HOA
•  Electrical wiring that is located inside walls, ceilings, and floors are the responsibility of the HOA


While at first glance HOA fees may sound like a lot to a prospective buyer, we encourage people to add up their expenses at their current home for all the items listed above. When you add those items up don’t forget to include your annual repair maintenance costs and eventual replacement costs of all your heating & cooling equipment, water heater and roof and we think you will agree, its a pretty good deal.

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